Serving the needs of patients at home

Medical Guidance

We offer services you would normally get at a doctors office.

Medical Treatment

We see patients, give prescriptions, and order therapy according to your needs.

Traveling to you

We visit patients, not limited to, in ALFs, Nursing Homes, and Private Homes.

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Office of ARNP Mason Hershorin

We are a company of Doctors, ARNPs, PAs designed for older adults and persons with disabilities who have medical issues and ever increasing medical needs that regular Doctors are ill equipped to handle. Understanding the complicated issues concerning Elder Care, Home Health Care, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy, we work with Home Patients, ALFs, AFCHs, Group Homes, Halfway Houses, Transitional Homes, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Facilities, and more.


Evaluates necessity of treatment

Nurse Practitioners

Visits patients at places of residence

Physician Assistants

Visits patients at places of residence

Office staff

Handles all incoming inquiries